Since a long time I enjoy improvising, actually I started to try improvising as soon as I started to study piano, and with time and experience of repertoire I got more and more improvements and developed better results. Some people may find strange that I have not been so much interested in Jazz improvisation, since, in my sincere opinion, all Jazz pieces always sounded too much and only "Jazz-like" and that is just ONE option from a huge number of possibilities in musical world.

Actually nowadays few people know that improvisation is the oldest form of making music, and basically all the greatest masters of the past were great improvisers too. Anyway, part of this tradition had been forgotten by the "classical world" around 100 years ago, and few have really dedicated time to improvise freely using all the possible tools for an interesting result.

Around 2006 I used to make a request for the people around me to select 4 or 5 notes from the twelve available in a chromatic scale, and improvising with such notes was not only a personal pleasure, but also an interesting way to learn and explore different relations between notes.

Time past and I decided to make something that would allow any people, who eventually even do not know the musical notes, to interact with a musical work, giving the notes which would be the "rulers" for the entire improvisation.

Most of improvisations deal with a melodic tonalism or at least near to it, because few people would really enjoy to listen a nightmarish cacophony even if it is full of aesthetic and compositional processes.

So, the main idea is to strengthen the relationship between pianist (me) and public presenting a way where "making music together" is possible no matter what you know about theory or how musical talented you are.

This is what I call "Interactive Improvisation" - People can choose 5 numbers in a range from 1 to 12 and these numbers are directly related to the chromatic scale (from C to B - respectively 1 to 12).

Wanna try? write to: opusdissonus (at) gmail (dot) com

Artur Cimirro



4-11-1-3-7 (Carlos Goldenberg)

8-6-2-12-10 (Jan Jarnicki)

11-9-10-8-6 (Maria Diva Moreira Cimirro)

7-1-3-6 (Kenneth Derus)

9-7-10-3-5 (Anita Cimirro)

11-7-6-2-10 (Luiz Felipe Soares de Campos)

7-9-3-4-2 (Jose Marcos Alves)

1-8-12-4-3 (Jose Adir Cimirro)

1-3-7-11-8 (Fulvio Vassiliades)

5-8-11-1-4 (Paolo Campanini)

12-1-6-9-3 (Joao Carlos Vieira)

6-10-7-3-12 (Vitor Trallese)

7-5-9-3-6 (Maria de Fatima Moreira Cimirro)

5-7-3-11-10 (Hans Brofeldt)

5-7-3-9-10 (Benjamin Williams)

2-8-3-10-6 (Andrew Wright)



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