3rd Prize in the 2nd Opus Dissonus Composition Competition (2016)



Wanling Chen is a 21 years old student from Shanghai Conservatory.

OPUS DISSONUS - What was your first contact with the art of composing?

CHEN - In my memory, the first time I composed was when I was a kid. I was interested in composing nursery songs. The reason I chose composing instead of learning a instrument like most people did was because I had a strong thirst for sharing the deepest emotion in my heart, and composing is definitely more creative than any instrument.

OPUS DISSONUS - Who are the composers who have had the greatest influence on your work

CHEN - As you know, all the students starts with writing traditional music, and then gradually get contact with contemporary music. To me, the composer who had the greatest influence on me is Prokofiev. Although he wasn’t considered as a contemporary composer, he opened a gate for me to the new world.

OPUS DISSONUS - In your opinion, what can we expect for the future of classical music?

CHEN - I’m not sure what you mean “classical music” here. If you mean the music besides pop music, I would say people will never junk classical music. It has had big influence to people for centuries. “If you mean traditional music compares to contemporary, I would say the modern composers are trying their best to study new music, but they are still based on the achievement that those great composers in different era had made.

OPUS DISSONUS - Final words/considerations:

CHEN - We can see that contemporary music is still not well received to most people. Actually, that’s my dream—I believe all the composers have this dream, is to contribute our whole life to spread it, although it’s really hard today. At last , I want to show my respect to all the composers who are trying they best on contemporary music and spread it.



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